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What You’re Not Doing to BURN Fat

I think that the average person is not eating enough. That’s right, they don’t eat enough. Enough TIMES per day, I mean, to get their metabolism in a fat burning zone. You re definitely right in thinking I was crazy to say that the eat enough, mostly because he or she eats too much at each of the main meals. I have seen it go both ways, where client A doesn’t eat enough during the day skipping meals and/or snacks, or client B doesn’t eat enough times during the day.

Listen. It is clearly difficult to eat right and eat the right amount of calories per day. I get that. So what is the answer? How much? When? What? What about Macronutrients? Macro-What? You know: Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat. Eating healthy shouldn’t be hard, but is if you dont allow for some time preparing what your going to be eating.

I’d like to lay out two simple ways to help get you into a fat burning zone and then follow it up with a video next week to put it all together with further explanation. If you really understand why your body responds to certain foods the way it does, you will be less likely to eat that way.

Your first step should be eat more frequently which is the reason for writing this article, and definitely don’t forget breakfast. Don’t skip it. This IS like everyone has said for years the most important meal of the day. For fat loss or muscle gain: EAT BREAKFAST! After you eat breakfast(within 45min of waking) you need to follow it up with eating every 3 hours.

Your second step is to look at your carb to protein ratio. This is crucial. The ratio that’s best for longer lasting satiety(fullness factor) is a 1:1 and 2:1 Carb:Protein. Higher protein content in snacks and meals will stay in the stomach longer leading you to not snack so soon after your meal/snack. This helps both keep the your metabolism in the fat burning zone and keep your blood sugar from roller coasting. Think about a Nature Valley bar or even one of my former favorites the cliff bar with carb: protein totals of 29:4 and 40:8 respectively. That’s 7:1 and 5:1. Or just as bad of a ratio would be a plain apple or banana (by the way, a medium 7 inch banana has 27g carbs and 1g protein). These don’t help us stay in that zone. The fruit although healthy just simply doesn’t have any protein. Therefore it wont keep you full very long.

So, when it comes to getting burning fat, eat more frequently and include protein in the snacks and meals.


Stay tuned for a video post next week going more in depth on this topic.



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