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Are you tired of going nowhere at the gym? Mission Sports Performance in Adrian, MI gives you the individualized training you need to get consistent results, break through plateaus, and have the fitness and performance you're looking for.

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Strength and conditioning

Push your body like never before. Reach heights you never imagined possible. Take your fitness to the next level with Mission Sports Performance.

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Why Choose Us

Mission Sports Performance designs and implements programs using the newest research and evidence based training methods, metabolic training concepts, sport biomechanics, corrective exercise, and restorative/regenerative training.

Our programs will develop lateral and linear speed and power, improve rotational strength and power at the hips and shoulders, improve agility, balance and coordination, motor control, improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity, power and decrease rates of injury by up to 20%.

We have equipment that you won’t find in commercial gyms or most performance gyms. Our sessions last from 60 - 75 minutes and are based on a committed set schedule to hold clients accountable.

Client Testimonials

"I feel much more confident in my ability to simply move through the world. My husband and I do long distance walking; before Mission, I found hill work (both up and down) difficult. In addition I fell a lot! On our last trip after training at Mission I handled the hills and uneven footing much more easily and I didn't fall."

- Diane H

"Prior to my knee replacement surgery, the surgeon commented on how strong my leg was and indicated this was a good sign for a faster recovery. How right he was! After surgery the true benefits of Eric's program became very clear. Immediately after I was released from the hospital I was amazed I was able to climb the steps with few problems. My rehab lasted only about 2 1/2 weeks (mostly to gain range of motion), months faster than other patients who had received the same surgery."

- Fritz D

"I was astonished that Eric managed to create an individual workout that pushed me to my physical limits, but didn't aggravate my lower back. Any doctor I ever saw told me stronger core, Eric said “Let's get stronger everywhere."

- Kim P

"At age 58, I'm in the best shape of my adult life: strong, healthy, and balanced. I find circuit training boring, so the individual, ever-changing programs keep me interested and challenged, and the staff keep it safe and fun."

- Beth M.

"I put on 10 lbs of muscle and dropped my body fat percent 2% in my first 5 weeks and increased my rotational power by 16% over my entire off-season training."

"Local 17 year old high school baseball player

"I am now getting pulled out of practice drills because I am blocking all the shots. It's kind of fun to see how much my vertical has increased."

"Local 15 year old high school volleyball player"

"I increased my times and made state cuts in 5 events. Last year I didn't make one."

"Local high school swimmer"

"My program was very sport specific. We worked on developing power for hitting, increasing my pitching velocity (with softball pitching specific strength exercises) and speed for the base paths. It elevated my ability and helped me get into college to play ball"

"Local collegiate softball player"

"I spent every day over three weeks training to prepare to walk on at a DI school. I made the team and was ecstatic!

"Local collegiate softball player"

"I spent three weeks at Mission prior to my pro-day and I cut my pro-agility shuttle times by .2 seconds. It was huge for me!"

"Former college football player"