Nutrition coaching program


IF You ARE...

Feeling stuck with your nutrition

​Feeling like nutrition has been your weak link to getting to your weight loss goals

Feeling lost when it comes to weekly meals

Feeling Like you want to eat healthier for you, but don't know where to start​

Feeling Like you eat the same meals over and over


If you're tired of trying to figure out HOW to eat healthy

Maybe its time to figure out WHO can help you.

Our Programs are not...

A deprivation diet

Going to make you throw out all your food in the cupboard

A program that makes you only eat one way

A program that has a strict plan you cant stray from


Coach Eric Driver

Coach Driver is the CEO and Founder of Mission Fitness.  Over seeing the Nutrition Coaching Program, we have successfully helped people lose between 5-20 lbs during the program.  Since the program is habits based, the clients typically keep the wait off.

Check out some folks who will rave about their RESULTS!

Client Testimonials

"For the past 5+ years I have been stuck, not being able to lose a single pound. I lost 10 lbs during my coaching program and I feel great"

Gwen H.

" The program I went through taught me so much. I really had a plan in place that fit my needs and then through all the lessons, I was able to try new ways to implement the habits I was learning"

Jim H.

"I've read so many nutrition books and have loads of information to eat well, but i needed habits to make it stick and I needed accountability. I lost 23lbs in my coaching program and then stayed with the coaching after it was all over to help keep me accountable"

Barb M.

"I’ve gone through numerous programs over the years and always had the knowledge on how to eat well and what to eat, but this program is so much more! The habits you create throughout the program really help put all that knowledge into place and keep at it. I have come to really love meal planning!"

Kristen G

Our programs are...

Simple. Doable. Powerful

A way to eat better better through real habits

A program that can help you find methods that work for you

A program will teach you the how to understand portions that work for you

Will give you convenient recipes and guides for success

A program that is built on THREE things: accountability, habit based training, and an amazing personalized supplement pack that supports your goals

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