3 Life Changing Healthy Habits for 2020

We all have times in our lives where we have great intentions to make positive changes that will; improve our health and happiness...and for some of us, that is every Monday morning...

October 7, 2021

We all have times in our lives where we have great intentions to make positive changes that will; improve our health and happiness...and for some of us, that is every Monday morning. Whether it’s a New Year’s, or new month’s resolution that you set your intentions to make better health goals, know that you will be so much more likely to attain those goals if you make them smaller habits. Consistency is key in life because success in anything doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. I am always proud and inspired by my clients who are ready to take life by the horns and make new habits and routines, to improve their gut health and live a better life overall.Whether you’re in your twenties, or over forty like me, chances are you have goals and things you want to improve on. [1] We all have a healthy wish list, and whether you want to eat healthier, exercise more, drink enough water, meditate more, live pain-free, or just wake up each morning with a positive mindset, we know that these great intentions and goals seldom stick long-term.The truth is you should never pass up making improvements to our health and it definitely should not be placed on your long laundry list of to-dos. No matter what it is you would like to change, I think it is safe to say that just depending on willpower alone won't fully cut it- at least it never did for me! It’s all about making smart and attainable choices that will lead to sustainable habits for good health, and a great quality of life.

The Power of Creating Positive Habits

Ever since the quarantine hit and we’ve been spending extra time at home my oldest daughter has become a master baker. She is such a happy person, and we enjoy spending time in the kitchen together, although it does require some extra time to clean up and the house tends to get a bit messier with both girls at home all day. Cleaning up and doing household chores may not be the most exciting thing but done right away, they become habits over time. There are moments I find myself starting to clean up the kitchen without even giving it a second thought because I have learned how happy it makes me to walk into a clean space.I always have both girls participate, and have in some manner since they were young, and although it still takes some coaxing so I know I am still helping them build that habit, I always have us all take a moment to appreciate the clean space once we are done. I’ve learned, in my many years, that habits can have a lasting impact on your life, and I want to pass this wisdom to the girls...plus it’s always nice to team up on completing a chore. [2]I find that we, often take advantage of that invincible or immediate-gratification mindset in our young-age and fall into behavioral patterns that are comfortable and stagnant. As we get older our days get busier and it seems impossible to juggle all the things that life throws at us. So, to take time for self-care with all of the variables of life often seems like a task instead of a benefit.However, I’m here to tell you that by taking time for yourself and creating a few good healthy habits you will be making your life easier in the long run and will be on the right track to improve your overall health.Here are three healthy habits for 2020 that you can start implementing today!

Accomplish One Goal Every Morning

I always start the morning off right by setting good intentions for the day. It’s a great way to stay motivated no matter what you may face. Be your own advocate and when you walk into the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror, and be grateful for yourself and your life. Appreciate the new day, and all the good in your life, even if you have to use silver linings!Even before getting out of bed I always try to wake up and do an active breathing exercise I devised for focus, and clear energy. I do this even before I even reach for my phone to check all of the inevitable work emails, and life texts that have come in overnight. I also make my daily to-do list before I go to bed each night so I have a clear idea of the time and energy requirements of the day, which allows my brain to slow down and rest more easily as I fall asleep.For you, this morning ritual could be writing a quick note in a journal to clear your mind, going for a walk, or getting in some yoga before you get the animals, kids, or your partner ready to go!Even though we’re halfway through the year, take a few minutes to review your morning ritual and decide what healthy habits for 2020 you can implement into your day.These are all simple tasks you can set for yourself each day to start off on the right foot. If you start your day focused on your health it’ll be easier to stick with it the rest of the day. As you set clear intentions and stick with healthy habits every day soon enough, they will become habits that you’ll naturally find yourself doing.

Workout Smarter

If you dread your workouts, instead of falling back on the same, try out a few new ones that you enjoy, and are effective for your health goals. This may mean reworking your mind to think that working out doesn't just consist of long treadmill runs and exhausting cardio. [3] Do you know that overtraining cardio can actually age your cells more rapidly? Yikes! Sometimes all it takes is a few good trainers and a balanced workout and recovery plan to turn a trip to the gym into an enjoyable, and very result producing routine.My gym’s mission has always been intended to make R3Bilt the most effective fitness path for people to achieve better fitness outcomes, better health, and prevent age-related illnesses that will help our clients live a long and healthy life. I truly believe this new philosophy will be the future of the fitness industry, as a science-backed way to workout smarter.Unlike traditional gyms, The R3Bilt method is a three-phase approach – Rebuild, Recover, and Reverse, in a one-hour workout. Our training philosophy utilizes the latest science-based, anti-aging techniques that will have positive effects within just one to three sessions. A few of these include:

  • Rebuild muscle and function
  • Recover efficiently and effectively
  • Reverse many of the inevitable functions of aging!

This philosophy is built off of wanting to help people attain those science-proven small habits and turn them into a ‘work smarter’ lifestyle that will be life-changing and balancing. Although you likely don't have access to all of our anti-aging fitness equipment, you can try something similar to the remainder of our workouts at your gym, or home: balance your weight training, with mobility for recovery based on your needs.Sticking to more workouts tailored to help you reach the benefits you are looking for, will motivate you and bring the FUN to your exercise routine each week and when you find that it can all be done in a very time-effective manner, you will make it a habit you just won’t want to live without.Even though this year definitely hasn’t gone as planned it’s not too late to incorporate smarter workouts into your healthy habits for 2020!

Gut Healing Recipes

Make a Healthy Grocery List Each Week to Follow

As a business owner and mom, I never have enough time in the day. I am frequently running out the door with a healthy snack in my hand that I can eat on the go, but there are times when I don’t think ahead and end up with a much less nutritious, or downright regretful option. This is where planning ahead comes in handy.I make a healthy grocery list and eat something before heading to the store so I know what I need to buy, and am not tempted to get things that aren’t on my list, especially all the delicious baked goods, and snacks in the candy aisle. I rarely ever even shop anywhere but the outside square of the grocery store, where all of the ‘real-food’ is generally kept, so challenge yourself to stay out of the process-food laden center isles if you can.The trick for me is to map out my weekly meals using my handy grocery list. It’s exactly what I need to get in, get out, and stay on track.

Start Small with Healthy Habits for 2020

From my experience, it takes about three weeks for me to develop a habit, and even then, I am often having to remind myself to stick with it. I’m here to tell you that it’s well worth it and by implementing these super simple three healthy habits you’ll be able to live a healthier and happier life.

Life-Changing Benefits of Thorne Supplements

Our bodies rarely acquire all the vitamins and minerals that we need to stay healthy and strong due to diet and lifestyle. This, unfortunately, can cause sickness or dysfunction over time. Thankfully reputable supplements are a good option to make sure you’re getting all the right amounts of nutrients that you need. Because you should only put third-party tested, clean ingredients in your body, I am picky about my vitamin sources, but Thorne is one of my trusted sources. They offer natural, clean, safe, and high-quality supplements to give you confidence that you’re taking the best care of your body.I use many of their products and love them so much! I want to make sure you have access to making good/clean supplement choices too! I’ve been able to negotiate savings for you to help you on your health journey. My readers can use this link for 15% off every purchase so you can feel better about purchasing directly from the manufacturer, ensuring quality, and get started living a healthier life today!Comment below with your questions about how to live a healthier lifestyle, I’m always happy to help!Scientific Resources [1] Boss, J. (2017, February 14). 5 Reasons Why Goal Setting Will Improve Your Focus. Retrieved June 19, 2020, from https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffboss/2017/01/19/5-reasons-why-goal-setting-will-improve-your-focus/[2] YEC https://www.success.com/author/yec/. (2019, September 04). 13 Positive Habits That Can Boost Your Success. Retrieved June 19, 2020, from https://www.success.com/13-positive-habits-that-can-boost-your-success/[3] Blaszczak, B., Upham, B., Hughes, L., Asp, K., & Mateo, A. (n.d.). Get in the Right Mindset to Exercise Regularly. Retrieved June 19, 2020, from https://www.everydayhealth.com/fitness/motivation/tips/get-in-the-mindset-to-exercise-regularly.aspx


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