My 5 Nutrition Tips to Lose Body Fat

The last year and half...well, let's just say it has been quite challenging for most, especially for those who strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Many employees have implemented work-from-home policies, which even I can admit, have made it difficult to maintain...

October 7, 2021

The last year and half...well, let's just say it has been quite challenging for most, especially for those who strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Many employees have implemented work-from-home policies, which even I can admit,  have made it difficult to maintain a healthy nutrition regimen and exercise plan. It can also be a challenge with so much conflicting information out there regarding how to balance nutrition and lost body fat and it can be a challenge knowing where to start. Thankfully it’s not hopeless though! Nothing is! I can help. Here are five of my effective tips to help you achieve fat loss through nutrition. Just with these simple tips and dedication, you’ll be able to see and feel some big changes in just 4 weeks- you should see the results our clients have had!

1. Mindfully Chew Your Food

It can be a challenge to take a moment to pause and think about the food that you’re putting in your mouth. Especially when you’re rushing from one meeting to the next. However, when you take an extra few seconds to mindfully chew each bite of food it can help to improve your digestion and allow your body to feel fuller quicker. This makes it easier to absorb more nutrients and consume less food! Another great benefit of chewing and more effectively digesting your food is that you’ll feel bloated after meals while feeling more energized throughout the day.

2. Drink a Glass of Water Before Each Meal

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day to ensure your body is able to function optimally and to help you feel your best. By drinking enough water you’ll digest more properly, and feel more energized and less hungry throughout the day as well. One simple tip to ensure you stay hydrated is to keep a water bottle at your desk throughout the workday so you can take a few sips in between emails, meetings, and other work responsibilities. Also, don’t forget to increase hydration during workouts! Water is essential to regulating your body temperature and heart rate, allowing you to get the most out of your workout and help lose body fat.

3. Practice Intuitive Eating

It can be difficult balancing a healthy diet when you have a long to-do list while managing a full-time job and family responsibilities. For the best weight loss results, it’s essential to take time to practice intuitive eating and be aware of what you’re putting in your mouth when you’re not hungry, and what foods make you feel or perform better or worse. An easy way to do this is to use a food log and schedule some time on Sundays to plan your meals for the coming week so you're best prepared when mealtime comes around during a busy or stressful work week.

4. Take a 10-Minute Walk After Meals

I know it can be tempting to lay down for a nap or sit down to watch your new favorite show after a meal, be sure to get in your steps first, and watch your energy change. Plus, sitting or laying down right after you eat can lead to bloating, constipation, or mid-afternoon grogginess.Instead, schedule some time to take 10 minutes after each meal to go for a walk. As soon as you take your last bite, head outside, or walk the stairs. Just 5-10 minutes of movement will help with digestion and also help you fight off the post-lunch sleepiness. This will help you feel much more energized, productive, and focused throughout your day which will help you perform better in the office and back at home with your family.

5. Level Up Your Fitness

Nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand and both are required when you’re working to lose body fat. Here are a few tried and true ways to help you incorporate fitness, and work out smarter to see the best results:

  • Weight Training: Lifting heavy (for you) weights increases muscle mass, which means you will burn more fat, even while sleeping! You’ll also be able to increase HGH, bone density, and vary your heart rate.
  • Pre-Workout Drink: This will help you stay hydrated, increase quick energy, and get the most out of your workout time. Make sure it’s a healthy version- check out my cookbook for the best healthy energy drink (IMO)!!
  • Incorporate HIIT: Use high-intensity interval training methods. Whether weight training or doing cardio, always aim to increase your heart rate safely and recover multiple times throughout your workout. Avoid steady-state cardio.

y incorporating these five nutrition tips into your daily routine you’ll be able to see faster, and more long-term results in your fat loss journey. If you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here to help! Our “Nutrition for Weight Loss and Increased Energy” handbook and 28-day course will help you learn how to avoid diets, fuel your body, and use nutrition and exercise properly to ensure you get the results you’ve been working towards.


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