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Did you know that studies show that many illnesses and cancer wouldn’t occur if we chose to maintain a healthier diet and lifestyle? It’s not always easy managing a full-time job, a personal life...

October 7, 2021

Did you know that studies show that many illnesses and cancer wouldn’t occur if we chose to maintain a healthier diet and lifestyle? It’s not always easy managing a full-time job, a personal life, and all the other tasks that life throws your way. Luckily my team and I are here to help. We’ve created a course called “Nutrition for Weight Loss and Increase Energy” and a cookbook specially designed to provide you with the tools you need to take back control of your health through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Fat Loss Made Easier

Losing accumulated fat can feel like a daunting task, but I am here to help. There is a lot of conflicting information regarding nutrition and diets, and it can be hard to navigate on your own. Fortunately, in my new course I’ve made it easy to understand by listing the most effective tips backed by data. Following just a few of these tips can be all you need to do to lose that 10-20 pounds. If you only get one thing out of this blog post it's the importance of eating real food. Start by cutting out processed foods and sugar for 4 weeks. You are stronger than you can do anything for 4-weeks...and I can promise you, you will look, move, and feel better by following these guidelines. Get my full “Nutrition for Weight Loss and Increase Energy” course here for a step-by-step guide of how to get through your four weeks and continue your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Gut Instinct Cooking

My new cookbook has over ninety easy, healthy and healing recipes designed to help make your gut and life happier. I’ve used these recipes myself for many years and have continued to share them with clients over the years. The best part is that most of these are easy enough that you can prepare them in advance, especially if you’re working from the office most days and most weekends. They all center on removing bad foods from your diet and replacing them with healthy foods that will have you feeling great while losing fat at the same time.

Remove Bad Foods From Your Diet

If you suffer from inflammation, a leaky gut, or many of the other symptoms of an unhealthy gut, it’s important to eliminate foods that are causing the problem. A few common foods you should fully avoid if you’re experiencing gut issues such as a leaky gut or IBS include:

  • Gluten
  • Antibiotic-filled meats
  • Conventional cows dairy
  • Sugar
  • Peanuts
  • Unsprouted grains
  • GMOs
  • Unnecessary drugs & alcohol
  • Cooking oils, butter, and all fats past their smoke points - that creates carcinogens!
  • Chlorine and excess fluoride (tap water)
  • Any food that you are sensitive or intolerant to

You’ll start to feel much better just by eliminating foods that cause inflammation and digestive upset, contributing to your poor gut health.

Replace With Better Foods

Once you’ve removed the problematic foods from your diet, it’s time to replace the foods that were causing your gut inflammation or harm with foods to help speed up the process of healing your gut, so you start getting your mind and body back to balance, and feeling your best in a shorter time.Here are a few great gut-friendly foods that will help promote gut repair and optimal function.

  • Bone broth
  • Organic fresh vegetables
  • Organic grass-fed raw yogurt, cheeses, colostrum, and whey (if you tolerate dairy)*
  • Organic fermented vegetables & foods
  • Organic raw or steamed vegetables
  • Healthy fats -  avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, and almonds

*Raw organic dairy only. Once dairy is pasteurized and processed, it loses most healing nutrients, and becomes a very inflammatory food.It’s important to remain consistent while trying to manage weight loss. If you incorporate a healthy diet, exercise, adequate sleep, and stress management into your routine you’ll be on your way to optimal health!!Click here to get access to our “Nutrition for Weight Loss and Increase Energy” and “Gut Instinct Cooking” cookbook.


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