8 Impressive Health Benefits of Rebounding + Why You Need it!

So I grew up with a large trampoline in my backyard, and some days, I would jump for hours! No net, no padding to cover the springs, and a big brother...

October 7, 2021

So I grew up with a large trampoline in my backyard, and some days, I would jump for hours! No net, no padding to cover the springs, and a big brother...yes that all spells trouble.Do you also remember not coming home until the street lights came on at a young age? No cell phones, no walkie talkies, and out of earshot of your parents?Things were different then, and with newer data on concussions, injuries, and the trouble kids can get into with access to all of the information on the web, things have certainly changed, haven’t they?As much as this can be sad, I love and appreciate new healthful medical and scientific findings. Like when it comes to my lifelong passion for improving people's overall health and happiness with simple and effective science-based measures. Especially when implementing one food, exercise, or lifestyle change can make a HUGE impact on one’s long term health and happiness. That being said, keep reading because this new-to-you habit that I’m writing about today, ranks very high on my list!When is the last time you jumped on a trampoline?Did you know that a simple exercise called rebounding, yes, jumping on a mini trampoline, can improve many different areas of your health?That's right! There are tons of benefits of rebounding that I wish everyone would benefit from. Rebounding is an excellent way to improve different aspects of your health from your bones to the smile on your face.Today I’m sharing the top health benefits of rebounding that will have you feeling your best while having fun at the same time!

What is Rebounding?

Rebounding is a type of exercise where you jump on a piece of equipment called a rebounder, which is kind of like a mini-trampoline, but way better suited to exercise (and adults). Rebounders are smaller than trampolines and also have a better design that's safer for balance, and if you get the correct kind, much more beneficial to your body and kinder to your joints. Aside from being a really fun way to exercise, rebounding is great for your health and is a simple way to burn a lot of calories and improve other areas of your health like bone density!R3Bilt has vetted different types of rebounders to find one of the best, safest, and most high-quality brands, which you can check out here. I generally like to give a less costly option as well, but after testing so many, I firmly believe that this is one of those instances that you get what you pay for. Read on, and I think you will agree!

8 Benefits of Rebounding For Your Health

There are lots of benefits of rebounding! Aside from being a really fun and enjoyable way to exercise (throw on some music and get bouncing!), rebounding can improve your health and wellness in some powerful ways. Here are eight benefits of rebounding you'll start to notice when you add it into your routine!

Rebounding is Easy and Affordable

Let's face it: most of us don't exercise because of the top three easy-to-tell-ourselves excuses: not enough time, too expensive, or just plain boring. Rebounding fixes all three of those problems! It's an at-home workout that really only requires one investment into ONE piece of equipment. One of the main reasons people skip out on getting thor heart-rate up throughout the day is that the weather is bad, or they don't have space for a full at-home gym. Rebounding lets, you get huge amounts of valuable heart rate interval training in without leaving your house or needing to make a ton of room for a huge piece of equipment. Another benefit of rebounding is that you don't need tons of classes on how to do it. We all know how to jump (although there are some best practices to rebounding that I'll be covering below!), so you already have most of the knowledge you'll need to successfully add this exercise to your routine.

Rebounding Promotes Weight Loss

We've already established that rebounding is an awesome way to get your cardiovascular system going by using most large muscle groups all at once, but it also can help you lose weight. Regular exercise leads to a change in your body composition and promotes weight loss [1] when paired with a healthy and balanced diet. That can be done with rebounding, but studies show that adding as little as 10 minutes of rebounding a day can move the needle on the scale!

It's Gentle on Your Joints

We put a LOT of strain and impact on our joints. Especially as we get older, it's important to find ways of exercising that are low-impact for your body! Rebounding is extremely low-impact. The right rebounder shouldn't hurt your joints or cause strain on your bones. Instead, it builds up your muscles and bone density by toning! You can also do some floor exercises that would normally require you to kneel on the rebounder instead—it feels so much better that way and forces you to use your core to stabilize yourself!

Rebounding Impacts Your Blood Sugar

Many people have trouble managing their blood sugar and are either prediabetic or diabetic. Rebounding three times per week for 20-30 minutes at a time positively impacts blood sugar markers [2]. If you're looking for extra holistic ways to improve your blood sugar levels, try adding a fiber supplement like this, and rebounding! (use acacia organic fiber- pick and link any of them:)

Rebounding Boosts Your Balance & Coordination

Balance and coordination help keep you steady on your feet throughout the day and prevent falls later in life. Beyond needing balance and coordination in your everyday life, you definitely need those two skills in order to exercise! Rebounding helps improve your balance, especially as you get older. Combine that with being low-impact, and you have the perfect low-stress exercise for preventing falls and building your strength.

Rebounding Supports Pelvic Floor Health

Ladies, another amazing as well as one of the most surprising benefits of rebounding is how it supports pelvic floor health. Each time you bounce on the rebounder, your entire body pulls up, which can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Especially for women who have recently had a baby, this can help you improve your bladder control just by doing one simple and fun exercise a few times per week! This also helps stabilize your hip joints, which is an awesome way to prevent injury as you age.

Rebounding Helps Your Immune System

Another huge benefit of rebounding is how it helps boost your lymphatic and immune systems. Bouncing promotes drainage through motions and muscle contractions that you usually wouldn't get from other types of exercise! Rebounding increases the circulation of your lymphatic fluids, which helps drain toxins and other buildup from your body so your immune system can do its best work.

Rebounding Builds Healthy Bones and Muscles

We have a whole blog post about how rebounding helps build bone density and muscle strength. Rebounding lets you build up your cortical bone density, which keeps your bones protected against fractures and injuries when you fall or exercise, and allows you to build more muscle. Combine that with the low-impact nature of rebounding, and you've found yourself an exercise that's perfect for aging adults and athletes who have faced an injury.

Is Rebounding Right For You?

Rebounding is a valuable exercise for everyone. There are so many benefits of rebounding that you should add it to your routine and try it for yourself! You can start with shorter workouts and build up to do around 20-30 minutes of exercise on a rebounder per day or a few days per week. Besides, using a rebounder is actually how NASA helps astronauts recover when they get back from space and rebuild bone density and muscle strength, so it's clearly effective! [3]Have you ever tried rebounding? There are so many incredible health benefits of rebounding that it's the perfect fun and easy exercise to add to your routine! If you're ready to invest in a rebounder, R3Bilt has a special promo code for our favorite from Jumpsport. As a special thank you, use code R3BILT for 15% off a 300 or 500 series rebounder. If you get one be sure to take a photo and tag us!


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