Holistic & Natural Approach to Anti-Aging

It seems like the older we get, the more ‘potions’ we buy to slow the process, pain, or associated inflammation, but that gets expensive and leads to a bathroom closet full of lost hope...

October 7, 2021

It seems like the older we get, the more ‘potions’ we buy to slow the process, pain, or associated inflammation, but that gets expensive and leads to a bathroom closet full of lost hope (seriously, how many painkillers and eye creams can one closet hold!). Although we all would love the fountain of youth for immediate results, when you know what scientifically proven natural anti-aging tips to implore, you can see and feel some big results!


Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle that allows you to live a better quality of life, at any age, will increase happiness and longevity. Holistic medicine, along with cutting edge anti-aging science, will help to prevent, or even help treat the underlying causes of dysfunction along with the symptoms and changes in your appearance that aging creates.


This isn’t one-size-fits-all, because every person ages differently, but finding what works for you will pay lifelong dividends. [1] Some age quicker than others, and that is why holistic medicine is a great alternative to fight anti-aging. You can’t completely separate the health of your skin, your mind, and your body, like traditional medicine, often tries to do, instead, it must be treated as a whole, or WHOLEistically.


When you focus on your entire body, ensuring that you are physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy, you will see that you quickly reduce the signs of aging. Let’s review a few methods that can help you live your best life while staying focused on a holistic and natural approach to anti-aging.


Healthy Food Choices



Listen, I LOVE a good cookie, or 10, but everything needs to create balance in your body, to give it the fuel it needs to perform well, especially as we age. As a nutritionist, I could go on for days about the effects food has on your health, but when I relate is to how it can make you age more rapidly, people tend to listen!



An unhealthy diet can cause your outward appearance to seem older than it actually is, which will show with the appearance of more wrinkles and other skin dysfunction.



A healthy diet can help reverse this effect, by increasing nutrients, and elasticity to your skin cells. When you incorporate foods that include healthy fats, probiotics, and fiber, you will stay healthy and strong for many years to come. Start now by including more antioxidant-rich foods, and healthy fats to your diet including [2]



  • EV Olive Oil (not heated)
  • Grass-fed Organic Yogurt
  • Wild-Caught Fish
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Healthy Fats: Nuts, Avocado, Coconut Oil, etc
  • Organic Berries



If you’re ready to jump-start your journey to better gut health, get instant access to my FREE gut-healing recipe eBook. You’ll get all my favorite staples recipes that will help you on the road to restoring a healthy gut in no time!




Gut Healing Recipes







Get moving! Did you know that from a very basic level, when the oxygen in your body flows freely, it promotes the tissue in your body to become healthy and strong. Breathing hard from exercising (or breathing exercises!) can have a positive impact on your health and help with your oxygen flow, which will help you to function and feel better overall.



Getting your heart rate up, a few times throughout the day with exercise will help to boost your body functions.  The key is consistency, and science has shown that you’ll see the best results by participating in at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, which should include weight-training and stretching. [3] For more amazing exercise tips and benefits, check out our latest anti-aging exercise blog post!



Mind Over Matter



Ok, let’s be honest, after age 40, I can already see a decline in how sharp my (once photographic) memory is. There is endless research on neurological function as we age, but from a basic yet very effective level, know that an active mind will help to maintain cognitive function, and a positive outlook on life, which in turn can help to benefit your overall health.



It’s important to keep your mind sharp and in tip-top shape for a long and healthy life. Take a few minutes every day to work on a hobby, learn a new skill, or participate in activities, like puzzles and trivia that will help expand your brain functions. One study showed that people who are highly educated or stay mentally active are far less likely to have Alzheimer’s. [4]



Below are a few ways you can help improve your memory and keep your mind sharp:







This isn’t the first time I will suggest meditation, and with more health benefits being proven daily, it won’t be the last! Stress is considered a silent killer and can cause premature aging when not addressed. [5]



My famous line, if you have ever been in any of my classes, is that stress will harm you quicker than most any other poor habit!



Meditation is a great way to combat stress and can actually help to reverse your biological age and has been shown to be a powerful tool to help with stress-relief. It also has positive benefits related to better sleep, sex, and improved brain function.



Your Telomeres, the protein caps on the end of each chromosome affect the stress that you feel. Telomeres get shorter with age, and cell division occurs where the telomeres are shortened. This happens as you get older. They’ll eventually get short enough when they are no longer able to replicate, which will rapidly speed up the aging process to your body and can impact premature age-related diseases that could be deadly.



This science rant of mine sounds so bleak, I know, but I tell you all of this because it has been proven that, by living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating meditation into your daily routine, you can help to lengthen your telomeres and in turn, will help to keep you stay looking young for longer. As a bonus, you’ll also feel great too! If you have a difficult time trying to meditate, try a guided meditation, there are so many free ones available!





Utilize Aromatherapy in Your Home



This method goes hand in hand with meditation. Find a quiet place and burn essence or use a diffuser to disperse essential oils into the room. When used correctly, they can help to clear your head, get in touch with your spiritual side, and release any stress or anger you may feel.  

Essential oils can go a long way to keeping you healthy and feeling young and thriving. [8]



There are a couple of oils that have amazing anti-aging and stress relief benefits.



  • Camomile - Protects and soothes the skin from free radicals that cause aging. You can use them in the bath, as a massage oil or in your hair.
  • Frankincense - Helps to rejuvenate and balance your skin properties. It’s a great one to use in a diffuser when you’re taking time for your morning meditation.



A holistic and natural approach to anti-aging is an effective method to help you feel your best for years to come. By focusing your energy on your body as a whole, you’ll be able to slow down your biological clock while still taking proper care of your body. [9]



Schedule Regular Massages



Yes, you heard it right, your exercise physiologist is suggesting massage in your daily routine! There are way more health benefits with a massage than you may initially think.



Your cardiovascular system and its systems start to slow down with age. From an aging stance, this will drastically increase the chance of your skin appearing old and wrinkly. Circulation of both blood and lymph is essential to maintain healthy cells that will help you look young longer. [6] A massage improves blood circulation, and in turn can help prevent cellulite and your veins from swelling.



Additionally, massage helps reduce metabolic waste and improves the circulation of the lymphatic system, helping lessen the appearance of edema and wrinkles. [7]


An added benefit of a massage is that it helps reduce stress so the body can get some much-needed rest and repair itself in time.



A massage also helps to reduce the production of cortisol while increasing the production of serotonin and dopamine. Which will help manipulate your delta brain waves and help lead to better sleep after your massage. To avoid distractions as you fall asleep also use a comfy eye mask to keep out light and other distractions while you fall asleep.



I am such a proponent of massage, and often call it a necessity for balancing my busy lifestyle versus the luxury most people view massage as. Whichever category it falls in for you, incorporate it into your weekly self-care, by learning self-massage, or trading a massage with your favorite person while unwinding from the day on the couch. Enjoy!



Incorporate Thorne Supplements into Your Routine  



Our bodies rarely acquire all the vitamins and minerals that we need to stay healthy and strong due to diet and lifestyle. This, unfortunately, can cause sickness or dysfunction over time. Thankfully reputable supplements are a good option to make sure you’re getting all the right amounts of nutrients that you need. Because you should only put third-party tested, clean ingredients in your body, I am picky about my vitamin sources, but Thorne is one of my trusted sources. They offer natural, clean, safe, and high-quality supplements to give you confidence that you’re taking the best care of your body.



I use many of their products and love them so much! I want to make sure you have access to making good/clean supplement choices too! I’ve been able to negotiate savings for you to help you on your health journey. My readers can use this link for 15% off every purchase so you can feel better about purchasing directly from the manufacturer, ensuring quality, and get started living a healthier life today!



Comment below with any questions, I’m always happy to help!






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