Reverse Pyramid Weight Training: An Effective Way To Maximize Time and Muscle

As a gym owner, nutritionist, and coach, I often hear clients concerned about implementing weight-training into their workout routine. Some feel that they are too old and that it’s only used for young...

October 7, 2021

As a gym owner, nutritionist, and coach, I often hear clients concerned about implementing weight-training into their workout routine. Some feel that they are too old and that it’s only used for young, world-class athletes and intense bodybuilders who want to bulk up. The exercise physiologist side of my mind is blown every time I hear this, and I know it’s time to pull out my science nerd card. So lets right to it!The truth is that weight training has benefits for people of all ages, and the end result is not to simply gain strength and muscle mass. [1] A few of the best benefits of weight training include:

  • Improved posture
  • Getting a good night’s rest
  • Building and restoring bone density
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Increasing HGH
  • Lower risk of chronic disease
  • Burning more calories and fat at rest

Although I have my personal favorites, I do love that there are so many different types of weight lifting, so there is something that everyone can enjoy, no matter your age or level of fitness. They are all effective for different goals, and some examples, including reverse pyramid weight training, straight-set training, push-pull training, powerlifting training, and total body circuit.Research has shown that weight training, and specifically reverse pyramid weight training, is possibly the most effective exercise regimen to build muscle efficiently, and has so many health benefits to offer. It’s one of the most beneficial ways to maximize your conditioning without spending too much time at the gym, and it can be tailored to a variety of ages and lifting levels. This regime is the embodiment of working out smarter and has been one of the ways I keep my work-life balance; I simply do not need to workout out at the gym more than 2-3 days a week... and it’s always less than an hour. Let’s take a close look at what reverse pyramid weight training is and how you can use it to create a healthy and happier you.      

What is Reverse Pyramid Weight Training

If you haven't heard of reverse pyramid training, you're not alone; this method is a total 180 from traditional muscle building techniques. It's common for weightlifters to begin with lifting the lightest weight for a set amount of repetitions and then gradually increase the weight. This goes on until you're able to do a set amount of reps with the heaviest weights that you can handle. Reverse pyramid weight training turns that pyramid upside down and reverses this method. Instead, you'll start with the heaviest weights that you can handle. It's recommended to lift your heaviest weights 4-6 times in a set, your second heaviest weights in increments of 6-8 reps, and finally, your moderate weights should be lifted in 8-10 reps. The first set should be incredibly heavy, and should be difficult to get to and finish your 6th rep, so you will definitely feel your body working harder than usual. This type of weight training always has me feeling the perfect amount of soreness afterward, and I always notice a significant difference after just a few sessions of reverse pyramid weight training. I also pay strong attention to my recovery period with this type of lifting regimen, so I can be sure to make it the most effective and efficient use of my time...who doesn't want to take some days off if they are helping you workout more effectively!

Why Is Reverse Pyramid Weight Training Effective?

By the time you reach your heaviest weight with traditional pyramid weight lifting, where you increase weights as you go, your body is tired, and your motor function is low. You may not have the strength to lift the heaviest weights and are not reflective of your full strength. With the traditional method, you’re not maximizing your muscle gain and can risk injury with lifting larger weight with less available motor function. By lifting your heaviest set of weights first, you’ll be able to accurately identify your weight lifting limit and continue to build both strength and stamina in a more streamlined manner.  

Benefits of Reverse Weight Training  

If you think this type of training is for advanced weightlifters, only you’re wrong. I have clients at the gym in their 60’s and 70’s who have implemented reverse weight training with amazing results. If you are healthy enough and train with heavy weights, you will increase your muscle mass and human growth hormone.  If you use moderate weights, you can increase strength and stamina. Either way, with consistency, you will help to increase your strength, stamina, and bone strength. By adopting reverse pyramid weight training into your workout, you’re receiving the benefits of both heavy and moderate weight training.      One of the best benefits of the reverse weight training method is the amount of time you can save working out. This type of weight training only requires 2-3 rounds, but your muscles will still promote growth when you implement heavier weights. I’m always on the go and rarely have time for long workouts, so I love that I only need 20 minutes of reverse weight training to have a ‘full workout’ and positive health impact.

How to Safely Incorporate Reverse Weight Training Into Your Workouts

Always Warm-Up

Warm-up properly to increase flexibility and range of motion before your first heavy set. [2] This will help ensure that blood and oxygen are properly flowing to the muscles that will be most utilized when doing reverse pyramid weight training. This decreases the risk of injury and promotes quicker recovery, so you’ll be able to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle without being sidelined from getting hurt.

Recover, Recover, Recover

R3Bilt’s fitness philosophy is built on science, starting at the cellular level, which often requires re-educating gym-goers on the importance of avoiding overtraining and promotes adequate recovery time.

Your body is like a car that can run out of gas; it needs to be filled back up before it can get back on the road or it fails to perform. You need to take time to recover your muscles and cellular energy stores before and after you work out for the best results and avoid injury or long-term damage to your body. You can actually age yourself on a cellular level with overtraining; no one wants to age more rapidly!

If you don’t spend time finding your personal balance by taking care of yourself sooner or later, you’ll experience long-term injuries that will be difficult to recover from, especially when your body ages or is in a constant state of stress.

Thankfully  R3Bilt incorporates recovery stretching and yoga into our workout classes so participants can get the best results both for their physical and mental health.

Increase Weight, Decrease Rest Periods

If you’re ready for a challenge, you can take your reverse pyramid weight training regime to the next level. Increase the weight within each set of reps to increase your muscle mass. You can also decrease rest periods in between sets. Keep in mind that typical rest time is between 30-60 seconds.

Work with a Trainer

I always recommend working with a trainer when you’re starting a new reverse pyramid weight training routine or new lifting regimen. [3] They’ll be able to warm you up properly, recommend the appropriate weight, and coach you on the correct form and number of reps you should perform for each set. Considering the fact that utilizing a trainer has been shown to consistently increase your results in a shorter amount of time, utilizing a trainer and reverse-pyramid lifting with a trainer will really help you see your best results in a shorter period of time.It’s also a great time to ask any questions that you might have about your training and overall goals. At R3Bilt Fitness, we pride ourselves on holding small group fitness classes where you can experience one-on-one instruction or suggestions when needed throughout the workout. If you’re looking to get into weight training or try out the reverse pyramid training regime, come try a class at R3Bilt. We fully utilize this weight training technique in our rebuild room through dumbbells to further build HGH, balance, and stability. Combine that with the other health benefits of lifting, and you’re headed in a great direction along your fitness journey.  

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