The Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits of Red Light Therapy

With age, comes wisdom...ok and wrinkles. After 40, I can definitely say I started to notice fine lines and wrinkles appear more readily. At first, they were cute, and I blamed them on smiling A LOT

October 7, 2021

With age, comes wisdom...ok and wrinkles. After 40, I can definitely say I started to notice fine lines and wrinkles appear more readily. At first, they were cute, and I blamed them on smiling A LOT, and the fact that I make SO many expressions as I talk (can you tell with the CAPS?!). I'm very passionate, ok! But now that they are way past the cute stage, in my opinion, I turned my research to solutions to help reverse the process. You could even say that my wrinkles were one of the many reasons I started the first Anti-Aging Fitness Center in the country, R3Bilt. Although I wish there was a magical fountain of youth, just as much you, I do dare say that red light therapy is in the top 10 anti-aging hacks that I have ever researched. Yes, there are more, and yes, I will blog about more of these amazing finds! There are numerous anti-aging benefits for red light therapy that will have your skin looking and feeling younger and rejuvenated in little time. Some of my favorite benefits include reducing wrinkles, increasing blood flow, and reducing the appearance of scarring.In today's blog post, you'll learn all about:

  • What to Expect From Your red light treatment
  • The Many Anti-Aging Benefits of red light treatment
  • How red light Can Help You Feel Young

What to Expect From Your Red Light Treatment.

It seems to be a common myth that red light can damage or cause harm to your skin. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Studies have shown that red light treatment can stimulate your skin's regeneration process that will help rejuvenate your cells. [1] It's actually a powerful tool that can help give your cells energy by triggering a chemical reaction within the mitochondria (the powerhouse of your cells) that can help to boost energy production and regeneration. In turn, helping to reduce your wrinkles, fine lines, sunspots, and discoloration in the process of increased cellular turnover, so you can truly see the difference.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The best part about red light therapy is that it is passive, meaning you don't have to do anything but sit or lay down to enjoy its many anti-aging benefits! I even try to meditate during the forced downtime that my face is inches from the redlight device, so it's a one-two anti-aging punch. The data on its health benefits are too long to list in one blog, but I've rounded up a few of my favorites here that I've seen clinically and experienced first-hand and hope you'll be able to see some of the same amazing results that I have in a short time.

How Red Light Reverses Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The red light increases circulation in the treated area, clearing waste, and allowing your skin to get more oxygen and nutrients that produce glowing and beautiful skin no matter your age. Recent studies have shown that red light allows the cells to release Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP-gives me flashbacks of my undergrad exercise phz and biology degrees!) to increase your metabolism, cell regeneration, and cellular processes. This allows for your skin to become rejuvenated, repair cellular damage, and even help reduce the appearance of scars like stretch marks. Not only will you have healthier skin, but data shows you'll also be able to improve your bone strength in the meantime.

Relieve Swelling of The Skin

Red light therapy (RLT) can be an effective way to help reduce puffiness and swelling...think morning under-eye bags! It helps to increase blood circulation, making it easier for your body to relieve excess fluids and waste from your skin tissue. The best part is you'll be able to experience some immediate results after your first treatment using RLT. [2]

Increase Production of Collagen

As you get older, you'll notice that your skin doesn't bounce back as fast as it used to. This is because your production slows down, making your youthful appearance start to disappear as you get older. As you age, your body will produce less collagen, making you lose your skin's elasticity. Because your skin isn't bouncing back as quickly as it used to, you'll notice an increase in wrinkles and fine lines. Luckily red light treatment is a great way to help reverse this effect. It helps to speed up collagen production, allowing your skin to tighten and improve the texture of your skin.

How To Use Red Light To Look and Feel Younger

If you're looking for an effective, non-invasive, and cost-effective tool to help you reduce wrinkles and fine lines, red light therapy is a viable option. If you're ready to give red light a try, you can get your own portable unit here. The best part is that you can have all the amazing anti-aging benefits from the comfort of your own home, office, or if you drive a jeep like I do, plug it in, and place it behind your lower or upper back as you drive!Today we've covered some important topics related to red light, and it's amazing anti-aging benefits.

  • What to Expect From Your Red Light Treatment
  • The Many Anti-Aging Benefits of Red Light Therapy
  • How Red Light Can Help You Feel Young

Now that we've covered all the anti-aging benefits of red light, it's time to give it a try if you've been looking for a solution to rescue wrinkles, fine lines, and swelling.Red light therapy is an effective technique that will have a positive impact on your overall health and wellness. Check out some of my favorite red light therapy tools to improve your skin and help you feel amazing. I do have multiple brands of redlight tools at home, but I love TrueDark's products because they make sure to provide you with red light devices that are set to the correct-wave and time length for optional results, and it is so portable. As a special thank you to my readers, I've negotiated a discount with TrueDark for you to purchase anything on their site! Use the code R3BILT10 for 10% off your next purchase. Scientific Sources[1] Improve the Health of Your Skin with Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy. (n.d.). Retrieved August 02, 2020, from[2] Hawkins, D., Houreld, N., & Abrahamse, H. (2006, January 22). NYAS Publications. Retrieved August 02, 2020, from


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