Who can Benefit From the Training Philosophy at R3Bilt Fitness?

Anyone who wants to build muscle, reduce fat mass, increase flexibly, and function and feel better ! Our workout program at R3bilt Fitness was created based on a “workout smarter” philosophy

October 7, 2021

Anyone who wants to build muscle, reduce fat mass, increase flexibly, and function and feel better ! Our workout program at R3bilt Fitness was created based on a “workout smarter” philosophy, using anti-aging and preventative measures science and technology to provide a wide range of overall health benefits. Our 3-step approach includes a reverse phase, rebuild, and recovery. This allows your body to warm up properly and prepare for the most efficient strength training and mobility, to rebuild structural muscle and function, all while recovering the body effectively and reversing the aging process. Besides the weight training programming this workout will push you in ways traditional workout classes or gyms cannot! So you may be wondering, is this workout program for me? What fitness levels was this workout created for? We’re here to answer some of these commonly asked questions!

Who Can Benefit?

The simple answer; Everyone! Whether you’re a professional athlete, complete beginner, and never picked up a weight, or somewhere in between, our small group training is so effective, it caters to all levels of fitness. As a recovery-based workout, the benefits go far beyond just a traditional workout. Our clients have come to us for various reasons, from wanting to improve their mobility or flexibility, gain strength and muscle mass, lose weight, improve their athletic performance, feel more energetic, feel less stressed, and beyond. We have complete beginners in our classes, as well as athletes such as Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan in class on a regular basis…and both parties feel like they are getting the best workout for them! This recovery based ‘workout smarter’ program was truly designed with every body type, age, and fitness level in mind. It’ll challenge you to push yourself properly for fastest results, both in strength training and mobility, and use advanced technology that is shown to reverse the aging process from the inside out.

What are the Benefits?

At R3bilt Fitness, we've created a science-based functional workout program that provides a wide variety of benefits for your body. In addition to the physique goals you may achieve, including fat loss or muscle gain, our program is designed to reduce stress, and anti-age from the inside out. For example, we use rebounding plates to increase circulation, digestion, brain function, bone strength, and energy. The vibration plates used in the reverse room also promote hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous system activation and regulation. We also use red and light therapy which has been proven to promote systemic anti-inflammatory effects, detoxification, skin purification, improved circulation, muscle recovery, pain reduction, and beyond. Additionally, we work to help improve mobility and flexibility through yoga and other movements, which helps in many aspects of your life. Overall, we aim to provide a program that makes you look and feel your best, but also promotes overall long-term health and wellbeing of the entire body and mind as one unit.

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